UX designer

with highly developed relationship-building skills. Great teamplayer, inventive and flexible.
Born to solving problems in critical situations and identifying areas for improvement.
Living in Wrocław, Poland.

UX designer


About me

Always working for and with people

My background in education sector makes me a human - oriented person. My highly developed empathy allows me to always see a human in designing processes.

Moving forward

Every new day brings me a fresh perspective on what I have done recently. This ability allows me to solve problems and find the best solutions.

Excellent team player

I use Non-Violent Communication at work and life, what makes me aware on teammates needs. My positivity has a good impact on the team.

Workshops facilitator

I feel in the right place during the design workshop. Helping others is my driving force. I run design workshops using brainstorming methods and Design Thinking methodology.


My biggest dream is to have an impact on the product I create to leave the world better for future generations.

Voice user interfaces enthusiast

Speaking is the most natural way for people to communicate. I'm following the development of this technology with interest.